NHM writer – The ultimate Tamil typing software

NHM Writer is a never-seen-before tool for Tamil typing.

Features of NHM writer:

1. Free-of-cost

2. Downloadable software. An online version will be launched soon.

3. This makes your Windows system Tamil ready on installing this. So you will be able to read, write Tamil well in all Windows applications. This is cool, as every other software would require you to do some additional tweaks in the system.

4. Extendable. You can use NHM Writer to include new encodings, keyboards for any language of your wish. You just need to insert an xml file. To make this xml file, there is a developer kit which will be released soon.

5. Customisable. You can edit the existing keymap files to make changes according to your needs.

6. Visual keyboards. You have visual keyboards to guide you learn the layout for novice users.

And all this comes in a less than 1 MB software which is really nice.

Click here to download NHM Writer.

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131 responses to “NHM writer – The ultimate Tamil typing software”

  1. Inspector of Labour Avatar
    Inspector of Labour

    Please send Nhm writer Software

  2. kalaiselvi Avatar

    pls give me a vanavil tamil typewriting for my system

  3. Jayasakthivel Avatar

    After updated windows 8.1 the NHM writer is not working properly when i type text with using shift key . I re-installed again. But problem continuing. For example If type யு after pressing Shift+a ய will come. It is not keyboard problem. Kindly solve this problem.

    1. I also have a very similar problem did you get any solutions?

    2. This is a common problem across all typewriter it seems. Latest windows upgrade goofed tamil typewriting. Any solutions?

  4. sir,


  5. […] to Windows 8.1 issue – Problem using shift key to type Tamil in eKalappai, NHM writer […]

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