English to Tamil translation freelancer resources

Some resources for English to Tamil translation freelancers

1. Proz.com – This is the number one and one of the oldest websites for freelance translators.

2. Traduguide.com/

3. Translatorsbase.com/

Thanks: Satan for providing the above info.

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Tamil Literature Magazines Websites

Tamil Literature Magazines Websites :

1. Uyirmai ( உயிர்மை )

Besides hosting the printed உயிர்மை magazine, Uyirmmai has a column / blog page by its publisher Manushyaputhiran. The site also offers online shopping to buy Tamil books published by Uyirmai.

2. Kalachuvadu ( காலச்சுவடு )

காலச்சுவடு provides a very valuable archive of all it’s monthly publications. It is one of the very well designed Tamil magazine portals.

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Buy Tamil Books Online

List of websites where you can buy Tamil books online:

1. NHM – Kizhakku Padhippagam – Online shop of the leading Tamil publication house Kizhakku Padhippagam (கிழக்குப் பதிப்பகம் ). Offers free shipping within India if you buy for more than INR 250. It’s the only Tamil publication whose books are available in Amazon.com . I have ordered books from theme and found their service good.

2. Flipkart – Tamil books collection from India’s leading online books store. I have bought from them many times and they continue to amaze me. They update and deliver you with a precision of dropping a nuclear bomb !

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Tamil Google

List of Google Services available in Tamil:

1. Tamil Google News – This is a significant milestone in Tamil internet with automatic aggregation and grouping of Tamil news content from both Unicode and Non-Unicode websites.

2. Tamil Google transliterator – Beware! I don’t recommend using Google Tamil Transliterator. Check out recommended Tamil typing software.

3. Google Translate for Tamil

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