Tamil Fonts Download

A list of Free Tamil fontsdownload websites. These will help you to read and write Tamil in various encodings like Unicode, Bamini etc., in Microsoft Windows, Linux, MS Word and Adobe products :

1. Technology development for Indian Languages (TDIL) is a Government of India initiative under Indian Language Data center (ILDC). ILDC provides Open type and True Type Tamil fonts for download from Centre for Development of Advanced computing (C-DAC), Chennai Kavigal, Cadgraf Digitals Pvt. Ltd., Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

2. Tamil Wikipedia Font Help page gives detailed instructions on how to install Tamil fonts across all operating systems.

3. Electronics corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT), a Government of Tamil Nadu undertaking, provides lot of free Tamil fonts, keyboard drivers and other tools.

4. Alanwood list for downloading Unicode Tamil fonts

5. Unicode Tamil fonts download page from South Asia Language Resource Centre of University of Chicago

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  1. camargue Avatar

    There is help page and downloadable fonts available in the following link as well.


  2. t.narayanasamyraju Avatar

    sir I want your fonds & keyman tamil fonds & anu fonds please

    1. M.S.MOHAN Avatar

      Sir,I want shreeLipi tamil fonts&keyman for suitable for windowxp 2000/2003

  3. ramkumar Avatar

    sir,pls help me on free download for tamil aiswarya font

  4. Ranjani Rajmohan Avatar
    Ranjani Rajmohan

    Sir, please help me to search information in tamil, under google. submit me the method. please… please… please

    1. use nhm writer with alt 2.
      enjoy surfing in thamizh

  5. boominathan Avatar

    i like this page very simple

  6. ismail Avatar

    Sir, I have needed a tamil font which is name of the suntommy as same as either Tab-Regnet or Vanavil avvaiyar tamil fonts style.

  7. arumugam Avatar

    Please help me down load Aarabi tamil font

  8. abdulla Avatar

    Sir plz mail reading tamil fornt ssupport

  9. Thiruselvam Avatar

    sir,pls help me on free download for tamil aiswarya font

  10. senthilraj Avatar

    ஐயா எனக்கு டைப் ரைட்டிங் தமிழ் சாப்ட்வோ வேண்டும் தயவுசெய்து உதவும்

    1. PRAVEEN Avatar

      ஐயா எனக்கு டைப் ரைட்டிங் தமிழ் சாப்ட்வோ வேண்டும் தயவுசெய்து உதவும்

  11. merlinfreeda Avatar

    Sir plz mail reading tamil fornt ssupport and details tamilplaese

  12. ravindranbarani.apg Avatar

    Pls, I want tamil99 latest s/w.
    thank q.


  13. chandramohan Avatar

    sir,I wand tamil encoding software

  14. plz send me tamil017font

  15. sir I can’t read Tamil font for e15i phone can tell how can I read the font replay me

  16. NIVETHA Avatar

    pls help me on fonts english to tamil

  17. a.sahay lourdu Avatar
    a.sahay lourdu

    please give your support to learn Tamil fonts type writing Soft war e

  18. I want to learn Tamil typing. Please let me know how.

    Thank You


  19. gbhss kannamangalam Avatar
    gbhss kannamangalam

    i want latha tamil font please

  20. Karuppannan Avatar

    Hi Sir,
    I need Sentamil Fonts & Anu Fotnts for DTP work. So Please send to me those fonts to my mail id of [email protected].

  21. Srinivas Prasad Avatar
    Srinivas Prasad

    எனக்கு விண்டோஸ் சி.இ (windows ce) ல் இயங்கும் தமிழ் மென்பொருள் எங்கே கிடைக்கும் என்பதை தயவு செய்து சொல்லவும். நன்றி

  22. suresh Avatar

    Sir, i want amudham.ttf can u help
    me sir?

  23. sivakumar.s Avatar

    Sir, I have needed a tamil font which is name of the suntommy as same as either Tab-Regnet or Vanavil avvaiyar tamil fonts style.


  24. SRINIVASAN Avatar

    pls help me iwant to to vanavil avviyar font and how to type vannavil avvaiyar in english keyboard

  25. where get blackberry curve 9300 mobile tamil font plz send web link

  26. M.Mynavathy Avatar

    hai i want tamil software in nhm writer please help me

  27. Mohamed Imthiaz Avatar
    Mohamed Imthiaz

    Dear sir,
    i have a face book account, i can see only the picture but cannot see the letters (tamil) on that have can i get the fond and have to install

  28. how to tag the google tamil font for mobile phone

  29. c.prasanth Avatar

    i need the tamil font kruti tamil pls send me sir

    1. BABU DHANAPAL Avatar

      Dear sir
      I have a english to tamil dictionary & face book account. I can see tha picture & english letter but can’t see tamil letter. So pls
      help me i want write & read the tamil letter.
      How to i got this.

  30. m.sivanantham Avatar

    I need tamil font in android mobile A54
    please help to me thanking you

  31. i need tamil font in c5-03

  32. sam nicholas Avatar
    sam nicholas

    sir/madam i want Latha font. help me

  33. Baskaran Avatar

    I have Samsung s duos 7562 model how is download for Tamil font bamini

  34. sir, mam
    I need tamil font so, please download the nhm writer in tamil in my website . plz help me

  35. murugesan Avatar

    hai i need chennai kavigal tamil software padame whare can get it before i buy chirrag plz i need sakthi