Fix for Tamil Typing Bug in Windows 8.1

Solution to Windows 8.1 issue – Problem using shift key to type Tamil in eKalappai, NHM writer etc.

A recent update to Windows 8.1 caused problems for typing in Tamil in many products such as eKalappai. Specifically the issue is with the use of Shift key, for example typing the letters ள், ற், ண், etc was messed up.

To resolve this issue, the following three updates should be uninstalled.

1. KB2993651
2. KB2982791
3. KB2975719

For those who would like more details, it appears that the three files:
c:\windows\system32\gdi.dll (version 6.3.9600.17246)
c:\windows\syswow64\gdi.dll (version 6.3.9600.17246)
c:\windows\system32\win32k.sys (version 6.3.9600.17261 or 17238)
are buggy.

Uninstalling the above three KB updates restores these files to an older version which resolves the issue. The versions that work are:
gdi.dll (version 6.3.9600.17111) and
win32k.sys (version 6.3.9600.17200)

Note – a reboot will be required after uninstalling these updates.

Source: R. Selvaraj.

Please note that some also report this to be not working.

English Tamil Translation Software

Is there a (free) English – Tamil translation software for download / online?

The answer is YES. Visit Google Translate for translating Tamil to and from many languages. This is an alpha version so you may not get the best result always.

There are some long running machine based translation research projects at Universities. But none have given usable product yet. Google is the first to offer translation services for tamil. They also give a translation toolkit that can be used for any language. Wikibhasha is another translation toolkit for Wikipedia developed by Microsoft. Right now thier efficiency for Tamil translation is very rudimentary. It is supposed to get better when more users use it.

Google says that it can bring better automatic machine based translation for Tamil too, if it can get millions of pages of documents with English and Tamil translation side by side. One place where such translated documents may reside with the legal department of the country. It’s in the Government’s hands to give them for public research if not to a private company like Google.

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Tamil Text to Speech software tools

List of Tamil Text to Speech synthesizer tools. All these software can be downloaded or used for free:

1. Tamil Text to Speech tool from MILE lab, IISc – This converter is a recent invention by Dr. A. G. Ramakrishnan and his group. Kudos for them. The converter is in beta stage and exceeded my expectation in its quality.

2. Dhvani – The conversion quality is not as good as software from MILE lab, IISc. But Dhvani is a free software for Linux that can be used offline and provides support for many Indian languages.

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Tamil Typing software

Tamil Typing software for computers and mobile phones:

1. NHM Writer – The ultimate tamil typing software I recommend. Works in Windows only.

2. Ekalappai – One of the earliest and most used Tamil typing software. Now released as an open source software. Currently supports Tamil99, Phonetic, Typewriter, Bamini and Inscript keyboard layouts.

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Tamil font converters

List of Tamil font converters :

1. NHM Converter is available as both online and offline versions. Converts Unicode, Bamini, Vanavil, ShreeLipi, TSCII, DiaCritic, TAB, TAM, SoftView fonts to one another. The software is very robust and even large data conversion can be done seamlessly.

2. Suratha PonguTamil is one of  the earliest free online tamil font converters. This has a new user friendly version at .Focuses mainly fonts of online Tamil magazines. Converts IndoWeb, Murasoli, WebUlagam, DhinaThanthi,  DinaMani, DhinaBoomi, Anjal, ThatsTamil, Libi, Amutham / Dinakaran, Mylai, Vikatan (Old), Tab, Tam (Kumudam / Vikatan), Bamini, TSC, Romanised, Koeln, anu graphics (pallavar), nakkeeran (senthamiz). However, it can be noted that many of the sites mentioned here have already migrated to Unicode fonts.

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