English Tamil Translation Software

Is there a (free) English – Tamil translation software for download / online?

The answer is YES. Visit Google Translate for translating Tamil to and from many languages. This is an alpha version so you may not get the best result always.

There are some long running machine based translation research projects at Universities. But none have given usable product yet. Google is the first to offer translation services for tamil. Right now thier efficiency for Tamil translation is very rudimentary. It is supposed to get better when more users use it.

Google says that it can bring better automatic machine based translation for Tamil too, if it can get millions of pages of documents with English and Tamil translation side by side. One place where such translated documents may reside with the legal department of the country. It’s in the Government’s hands to give them for public research if not to a private company like Google.

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  1. I think there are such side-by-side translated documents in many Sri Lankan government website. But only problem in the are all scattered around many sites.

    1. i want English language to Tamil
      Tamil language to English
      Tamil language Alpha order software

  2. Sir, i want tamil to english translater software sir please tell me software name

  3. as for as I know, we dont have Translation software but you can type in english directly for tamil output… for which there are many softwares… these are all not translation softwares but typing software…

  4. dear sir,

    I am in need of converter softwares which can convert thamil phonetic ( thamil lang. in eng.letters) to be converted in tamil font if possible like this
    SARAVANAN-as – சரவணன் (if it is in capital letters of English)
    to do large no of lists to be converted in thamil…. is it possible?

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