NHM Converter – Tamil font encoding converter

NHM Converter is a free-of-cost Tamil font encoding converter tool available for download from the makers of NHM writer.

Earlier, Suratha‘s Pongu Tamil was the only available tool.

The downloadble version is available for Windows and will be soon made available for Linux too.

Some of the features of NHM converter are:

1. Embedded fonts. You don’t need to install any fonts.

2. Speed of the conversion as conversion takes place at client side. We used NHM converter for the Tamil Wiktionary Automation project and it helped us convert font encoding of large MB files with ease.

3. Auto detect encoding

4. Extendability

5. Sometimes it will be helpful, if you want to type in a 8 -bit encoding without any font. (another usage of font embedding feature)

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44 thoughts on “NHM Converter – Tamil font encoding converter

  1. Ravi now using NHM writer..
    wow… it’s way too cool..! handy and effective..

    1. I am a mac user. I’ve downloaded the converter, but I don’t know how to use it. What program do I use to open it? Please post step by step instructions.

  2. Dear sir,

    I am having ABBYY software to conver the English JPEG or PDF file into DATA files.

    I need a software for TAMIL JPEG or TAMIL PDF file into DATA file.

    Kindly mail me.

    My Address is
    1/1 Gopal Samy Street,
    Shevapet, Salem 636 002.
    Cell: 978978 34 36, 978 978 34 37

  3. sorry, balraj. i couldn’t find a software for your need yet.

  4. how to download the nhm converter

  5. Hi RAVI

    I need to convert one microsoft word document into Tamil…

    I need the software.


  6. Hi geetha,

    try installing nhm converter from


    or use the online converter from


    These should help you convert your word file

  7. Dear Mr.Ravi,

    I need help on using tamil font in wordpress. How we can make posts, categories and links in tamil in wordpress?

    I hope you will help me sir.


  8. Hi Mr. Rethnaraj

    There is nothing special you should do to type in Tamil in WordPress. Use tools like NHM writer and you can type in anywhere in Tamil offline / Online

    you can download nhm writer from


  9. thanks sir,

    another thing. how to create categories in tamil and in post comments place, how to change ‘leave a reply’ in tamil?

    like in Tamil Hindu.com

    how they change everything to tamil?

    1. If you have a blog like http://xyz.wordpress.com hosted at wordpress.com then go to /wp-admin/options-general.php and choose the blog language as Tamil. You can expect many of the blog interface to show in Tamil. But not guaranteed 100%.

      If you are hosting the site by your own like TamilHindu.com, then you need to edit the theme files manually. the theme files are located at /wp-content/themes/

  10. res sir
    how to download convert
    software please
    mail to me

    1. bhuvanadevi, the nhm download site has some problems now. Will give you the link once it is ok.

    2. bhuvanadevi, please try downloading from http://software.nhm.in/writer.html

  11. Hello sir i need a help.. i have a some text in Avvipro but i wont that in TsCu Inaimathi.. i got use try that Avvaipro converter also but it dosn’t work, do u have a any idea to convert this thing.
    i need a reply as soon as.

    thank you

  12. hai i have converted pdf to doc but the document can not be seen properly actually in adobe properties i have found that the fonts used where
    tamil-029(embedded subset)
    tamil-083(embedded subset)

  13. Hello,

    I am a mac user. I’ve downloaded the converter, but I don’t know how to use it. What program do I use to open it? Please post step by step instructions.


  14. The NHM converter is really nice to use, but while converting Bamini to unicode I find that several characters are not translated correctly. Are you aware of how I can get around that?


  15. Hi Ravi!
    I couldn’t read Tamil font in web sites. It appears as question mark. Please solve this problem.

    Thanks with

    1. Hi rathan, can I know some websites you have problem with? Please let me know the operating system, browser you use too. In general you should be able to Unicode sites like Tamil Wikipedia ( http://ta.wikipedia.org ) without problem. Try installing Firefox 3.5+ and NHM writer. It should enable Tamil support.

  16. Hi,

    I am a Mac user. Please give me the link to download NMH writer to use in mac.

    Thanks in advance

  17. Hello Sir,

    This is Vijay Anand here. I have installed WordPress 3.0 into my domain and I want to display some contents in Tamil letters and also Hindi and Telugu letters in somewhere in my site/page.

    Can you please tell me the way to display those languages specially Tamil letters in WordPress 3.0 (anybody can help me)

    and my mail id: [email protected]

  18. Hai Rai,
    I am bacqrudeen…
    Suddenly Tamil Typing Is Not Working In NHM Writer.
    Even I Press Alt 2 and I Have Manually selected Alt 2Tamil Phonetic Unicode..What to?

  19. அன்பு நண்பர் ரவி,
    என் அலுவலக கணினியில் நான் பதிவிறக்கம் செய்துவைத்துப் பயன்படுத்தி வந்த என்எச்எம் ரைட்டர் திடீரென செயல்படவில்லை. கேசர்பிளை வைரஸ் எதிர்ப்பு மென்பொருளால் ஏற்பட்ட பிரச்சனை என்று சொல்கிறார்கள். இதற்கு ஏதாவது மாற்று இருக்கிறதா?

  20. I’m Mac OS X 10.6.5 user.
    I can see Wikipedia tamil perfectly with Firefox browser.
    But when I copy them and paste on MS OFFICE WORD 2011 It just comes in boxes..
    Help me out. Please!
    Which font will work?


  21. hello sir i copy some tamil books and paste in ms word it appears as
    like question and box help me sir

  22. I use mac 10.4.11. Web site tamil font I can’t understand. How to change Bamini font.

  23. sir
    kindly i am using linux suse please guide me how to install nhm writer

    step by step because i am not a trained compter operator

    thanking you

  24. Hi RAVI

    I need to convert one microsoft word document into Malayalam…

    I need the software.


  25. நான் என் கணினியில் என்ஹெச்எம் கன்வர்ட்டரைப் பயன்படுத்தி வந்திருந்தேன். தற்சமயம் அது வேலை செய்யவில்லை. என்ஹெச்எம் வலைத்தளத்திலிருந்து புதிதாக கணினியிறக்கம் செய்யவும் இயலவில்லை. குறிப்பிட்ட வலைப்பக்கம் கிடைப்பதில்லை. (error:101 or so) அதில் ஏதாவது பிரச்சினையா அல்லது அது பணம் செலுத்த வேண்டிய சேவையாகிவிட்டதா?

  26. நன்றி. என் எச் எம் ஆனால் எனக்கும் ஒரு குறை நான் intel i3 processor use செய்கிறேன். அதில் ms word, excel உள்ளிட்டவைகளில் unicode நன்றாக செயல்படுகிறது ஆனால் photoshop ல் மட்டும் அது வேலை செய்வதில்லையே எதனால்?
    மேலும் இதற்கான பதிலை யாராவது தெரிந்தால் உடனே தெரியபடுத்தவும்……

  27. i’ve a problem on NHM software that it has not working properly on corel draw…. Please help me….. or give me any other solution….!!

  28. p;ratnasabapathy June 23, 2012 — 7:28 pm

    என்எச்எம் வேலை செய்யவில்லை. என்ன செய்வது.
    அருளகூர்ந்து வழிகாட்டுக

  29. HI
    I am trying to copy -paste tamil stuffs in photoshop. I downloaded “Bamini” font but still unable to paste any tamil fonts, rather its allowing me to type. How do i paste tamil font in photoshop? Can you guide

  30. வணக்கம். நான் திருச்சி செயின்ட் ஜோசப் கல்லூாியில் தமிழ்த்துறையில் பேராசிாியராகப் பணிபுாிகிறேன். என்.எச்.எம் பயன்படுத்தும் போது ாி (Ree) சாிவர மாட்டேன் என்கிறது. என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்?. குறிப்பாக பாமிணியிலிருந்து UniCode மாறும்போதும் இந்த சிக்கல். தீர்க்க முடியுமா?

  31. Hello Ravi –

    Even though the NHM software is basically designed for Tamil fonts, with its modularity and felxibility I am hoping that this should be possible.

    I have few word documents in malayalam non-unicode font. Is it possible to use NHM software to convert these to Unicode text? If so, how do I setup the mappings for the fonts?

    Hope I can get some answers…


  32. sir my NHM is not working .what can i do for that ?

  33. Ismail Hussain May 4, 2013 — 12:26 pm

    வாழ்த்துக்கள், பாமினி பாண்ட்டில் தட்டச்சு செய்துள்ளேன். அந்த டாக்மெண்ட்டை எவ்வாறு NHM Converter மூலமாக வானவில் அவ்வையார் பாண்ட்டுக்கு மாற்றுவது. மேலும் Arial Fonts Excel sheet type செய்துள்ளளேன் இதை எவ்வாறு வானவில் அவ்வையார் பாண்ட் NHM Converter மூலமாக மாற்றுவது எப்படி?

    Ismail Hussain, Melapalayam.

  34. Is this available for Android

  35. Nhm converter is not loading ..

  36. i type word document in vanavil avvaiyar tamil font, i which to convert into unicode for web site hosting ( ie NHM writer font). kindly suggest me

    1. Please help me with the following questions.

      a) how to convert tamil PDF to MS-word which has only tamil characters?
      b) how to convert tamil PDF to Ms-word which has mixed characters like enlish and tamil ?
      c) how to convert tamil PDF which has tamil characters as image inside to MS-Word?

      does the above encoder will resolve all the above three problems?

  37. Hi,
    Nhm convertor Tam to Unicode . Not able convert particular words like
    Is there any solutions to rectify this issue

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