Tamil software websites

Popular Tamil software websites:

Offline / Desktop Tamil software products

1. Thamizha

Provides E-kalappai, a popular tamil typing software. Initiates and organizes localization of free software like Firefox, OpenOffice, TuxPaint in Tamil.

2. NHM software

Makers of NHM Writer, NHM converter and NHM Lister. They help in Tamil typing, font conversion, word counting.

3. Kanithamiz

Provide Word Processors, Business software, Educational Multimedia products, Dictionary in Tamil.

4. Azhagi

Gives English to Tamil transliteration software. Has both free and paid software.

5. Murasu – Makers of Murasu Anjal and Sellinam software.

Murasu Anjal helps you email, chat, write and publish in Tamil. Has both paid and free versions.

Sellinam helps you send sms in Tamil.

Online Tamil software products

1. Suratha

Tamil typing in Unicode, Bamini formats

Unicode font conversion services.

2. HiGopi

English to Indian language transliteration in Unicode format.

Firefox extensions for Tamil

Tamil software discussion websites

1. Free Tamil Computing Group



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