YouTube Channels for Tamil Rhymes

Finding online resources for learning Tamil rhymes is quite a task. Early introduction of Tamil rhymes can help children to learn the syllables easily and rhyme along and getting familiar with the tunes.

Here is a list of YouTube Channels that have Tamil rhymes for toddlers and kindergarteners.

Infobells – Tamil
Chellame Chellam – Magic Box
Melody Animation – Tamil
Appu Series – Tamil
Pebbles – Tamil
Bumble Bee Tamil Rhymes
Chutti Kutti Padalgal
Apple Tree – Tamil

Personally my favorite channel is Infobells – Tamil, their tunes are very nice with clarity in word pronunciation and background music is soothing or does not overwhelm the lyrics.

Apple Tree – Tamil has very few rhymes in it but I am hoping that they may add more songs in the channel later.

Appu Series – Tamil has other types of playlists for rhymes.

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