Tamil Grammar lessons online

List of websites to learn Tamil Grammar:

1. Tamil Virtual University grammar courses

2. Books on Tamil grammar listed at Viruba.com

3. Tamil Wikipedia grammar guide – Has relevant links, guides for understanding essential Tamil grammar.

4. http://ilakkanam.blogspot.com – A team blog in Tamil answering common questions / doubts on Tamil grammar.

5. அடிப்படைத் தமிழ் இலக்கணம், பொற்காலத் தமிழ் இலக்கணம் – Free e-books for download from Noolaham.net.

6. மரத்தடி.com articles on Tamil grammar – Caters to advanced level students of Tamil grammar.

7. http://www.pudhucherry.com/pages/gram2.html andhttp://www.pudhucherry.com/pages/gram3.html teach you about சந்தி இலக்கணம். i.e, when to add க், ச், த், ப் in between two words when you write them together. Guess this is the number one confusion for any tamil writer 🙂

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14 responses to “Tamil Grammar lessons online”

  1. venkatasamy Avatar

    We have to select good tamil teachers to develop tamil langulage. Most of the tamil teachers are using tamil bazar notes to teach tamil. Using tamil notes should be avoided. Students memorisng as it is from the notes and the teachers are awarding 100% marks. It an idiotic system.

    1. K.H.Indumathy Avatar

      I am teaching tamil.So far i am not encouraging my students to learn from tamil bazar notes.Instead I encourage all my students to create and write own answers.

    2. so true. i can say i have taken tamil classes times in my life and i have never had a teacher who was worth a tablespoon of salt. which is why so many people who take tamil as their second language can’t even read a newspaper.

  2. Nice&helpful

  3. dhanaraj Avatar

    my teacher shri paranjothi used to teach tamil so interestingly that made me to take tamil for my post graduation. he never used bazar books. he taught us based on sutras so simple and easy to understand
    i bow to my teacher. i studied in avichi high school chennai.

  4. revathy Avatar

    plz tell me website to learn tail grammar for tet exam

  5. revathy Avatar

    plz tell website to learn tamil grammar for tnpsc exam

  6. Pavithra Avatar

    i have a doubt in tamil grammar …which is right ? ” பூனைக் குட்டி” or just “பூனை குட்டி” ???

  7. please update me on tamizh kalai sorkal,uncle!I needtopresent for my school assignment!thank u uncle!

  8. s. yaswanth Avatar
    s. yaswanth

    can u help me with tamizh kalai sorkal for my school assignment. Basically i dont know about what is kalai sorkal pls help me.

    thank u sir

  9. Selvamani Avatar

    can u help me Tamil Kalai sorkal for my son school assignment

  10. Dr.S.Soundarapandian Avatar

    நான் வேங்கடசாமி ,’எம்’ கருத்துக்களை ஆதரிக்கிறேன்; அதே நேரத்தில் தமிழ் மட்டுந்தானா? எல்லா ஆசிரியர்களுந்தான்!

  11. can u explain about tamil kalai sorkal , and give simple examples .

  12. S.Rajendiran Avatar

    Sir, Tamil teachers working in High and Higher Secondary Schools should be strictly selected through TRB not through promotion given to Secondary Grade Teachers after obtains B.Lit degree. It should be admitted that they are incapable of teaching Tamil grimmer. I am one of the victims . To be frank with you I was very poor student in Tamil when I was studying Xth standard because of that upgraded Tamil teacher. She did not know the basic Tamil grammar. Direct entry Tamil teachers are up do date not only in Tamil but also in other subjects even i basic computers. If Govt really wants to improve or develop the Tamil language, it would be better to stop in giving the promotion to low class teachers as Tamil Teachers. After assuming as a Tamil teacher, they are not interested to equip knowledge of Tamil. Their main aim is getting B.Ed., Assistant scale. They don’t think about the plight of the students.