Author: Ravi

  • Android Jelly Bean support for Tamil and Indic languages

    Android Jelly Bean support for display of Tamil and Indic languages scores a perfect 100/100. Please let me know if you would like to check anything specifically.

  • Android ICS support for Tamil and Indic languages

    The latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich release was keenly awaited by Indic languages as the earlier versions did not provide native support. I upgraded the OS in my Google Nexus S and found that Tamil is supported well in some native apps. Earlier we could only rely on some external android apps or hacks to…

  • Tamil in Android mobile phones

    Android OS for mobile phones is yet to have inbuilt support for Tamil Unicode fonts. However there are some free apps that support to read and write Tamil Unicode font in Android apps and browsers: * Tamil Visai – To type Tamil in any Android app using transliteration, Tamil99 keyboard. Using this you can publish…

  • English to Tamil translation freelancer resources

    Some resources for English to Tamil translation freelancers 1. – This is the number one and one of the oldest websites for freelance translators. 2. 3. Related posts: * English to Tamil translation software * English to Tamil dictionary websites

  • Tamil Newspaper Websites

    Websites of Tamil newspapers from Tamilnadu: 1. 2. 3. Dailythanthi 4. Dinamani 5. Dinamalar

  • Tamil Literature Magazines Websites

    Tamil Literature Magazines Websites : 1. Uyirmai ( உயிர்மை ) Besides hosting the printed உயிர்மை magazine, Uyirmmai has a column / blog page by its publisher Manushyaputhiran. The site also offers online shopping to buy Tamil books published by Uyirmai. 2. Kalachuvadu ( காலச்சுவடு ) காலச்சுவடு provides a very valuable archive of all it’s monthly…

  • English Tamil Translation Software

    Is there a (free) English – Tamil translation software for download / online? The answer is YES. Visit Google Translate for translating Tamil to and from many languages. This is an alpha version so you may not get the best result always. There are some long running machine based translation research projects at Universities. But…

  • Tamil Text to Speech software tools

    List of Tamil Text to Speech synthesizer tools. All these software can be downloaded or used for free: 1. Dhvani – The conversion quality is not as good as software from MILE lab, IISc. But Dhvani is a free software for Linux that can be used offline and provides support for many Indian languages.

  • Tamil Typing software

    Tamil Typing software for computers and mobile phones: 1. NHM Writer – The ultimate tamil typing software I recommend. Works in Windows only. 2. Ekalappai – One of the earliest and most used Tamil typing software. Now released as an open source software. Currently supports Tamil99, Phonetic, Typewriter, Bamini and Inscript keyboard layouts.

  • Buy Tamil Books Online

    List of websites where you can buy Tamil books online: 1. Dialforbooks – Kizhakku Padhippagam – Online shop of the leading Tamil publication house Kizhakku Padhippagam (கிழக்குப் பதிப்பகம் ). Offers free shipping within India if you buy for more than INR 250. It’s the only Tamil publication whose books are available in . I have…