Tamil font converters

List of Tamil font converters :

1. NHM Converter is available as both online and offline versions. Converts Unicode, Bamini, Vanavil, ShreeLipi, TSCII, DiaCritic, TAB, TAM, SoftView fonts to one another. The software is very robust and even large data conversion can be done seamlessly.

2. Suratha PonguTamil is one of  the earliest free online tamil font converters. This has a new user friendly version at http://www.jaffnalibrary.com/tools/tamilconverter.htm .Focuses mainly fonts of online Tamil magazines. Converts IndoWeb, Murasoli, WebUlagam, DhinaThanthi,  DinaMani, DhinaBoomi, Anjal, ThatsTamil, Libi, Amutham / Dinakaran, Mylai, Vikatan (Old), Tab, Tam (Kumudam / Vikatan), Bamini, TSC, Romanised, Koeln, anu graphics (pallavar), nakkeeran (senthamiz). However, it can be noted that many of the sites mentioned here have already migrated to Unicode fonts.

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Free online English – Tamil dictionary websites

List of websites giving  English – Tamil dictionaries for free online.

1. Tamil Wiktionary – Tamil Wiktionary is a Multi lingual – Tamil dictionary. It has more than One lakh words with a focus on technical glassary prepared by Tamil virtual University. This is a free to edit dictionary. So you can improve the pages by adding correct meaning, pronunciation, images etc.,

2. DSAL dictionariesDigital South Asia Library is a portal for Tamil’s oldest dictionaries. It is a treasure house for Tamil lovers. Gives meanings for Tamil words found in literature.

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Tamil software websites

Popular Tamil software websites:

Offline / Desktop Tamil software products

1. Thamizha

Provides E-kalappai, a popular tamil typing software. Initiates and organizes localization of free software like Firefox, OpenOffice, TuxPaint in Tamil.

2. NHM software

Makers of NHM Writer, NHM converter and NHM Lister. They help in Tamil typing, font conversion, word counting.

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